Terms & Conditions

This Agreement includes, without limitation, injuries that may occur as a result of (1) the Participantā€™s use of any exercise and or equipment, (2) Kam Physical Therapy & Performance Inc improper maintenanceĀ or Waiver And Release Of Liability Agreement | Kam Physical Therapy & Performance Inc. Waiver of any exercise equipment, and/or (3) the Kam Physical Therapy & Performance Inc negligent instruction, counseling, or supervision in connection with the exercise and wellness program. The Participant further agrees to save, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company, its officers, owners, agents, employees, independent contractors, or others from all costs and expenses, including its reasonable attorneysā€™ fees, arising from claims and demands which are the subject matter of this Agreement. Participant is aware that the Kam Physical Therapy & Performance Inc does not provide any kind of insurance for his/her benefit in connection with the Companyā€™s exercise and wellness program.

Payment Cancellations

Please note payment plans with installments are agreed upon and binding and will be collected on if missed, for payments including payment plans. No cancellations are permitted due to the discount associated with longer duration programming.


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